How to buy a new construction home


How to buy a new construction home

A new construction home being built

If you’ve looked into the housing market and can’t find something that fits your needs and budget, learning how to buy a new construction home is your next best bet.

Just be aware that the process can take longer than buying a house that’s pre-owned. However, the good news is Partin Real Estate can still help! We help anyone looking for real estate, including land for new construction homes, in Bolivar and throughout the Southwest Missouri Ozarks. If you’re eager and want to talk to somebody right now, you can call 417-326-4270 or fill out the form on this page with your name and email.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about the process of buying a new construction home before speaking with one of our Bolivar real estate agents.

How to buy a new construction home

You’ll still need to hire a real estate agent to buy a new construction home. Even if the builder already has an agent, that real estate agent represents the builder. Not you.

Your agent will be able to help you make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. The builder can easily suggest expensive upgrades that won’t increase the home’s value without you knowing it if you don’t have your own agent to advise you.

A local real estate agent will also help speed the process along by suggesting the best builders and mortgage lenders in the area. Further, they’ll receive notifications of new land hitting your desired market faster than you could on your own. That’ll help you level the playing field against other land buyers.

Once you secure a real estate agent, financing, and settle on new home construction company, it’s time to design your home.

Sometimes you can do this yourself if you have experience with it. However, the builder will likely have a designer or know one that can help.

Buying existing new construction homes 

Making an offer to buy a new construction home is a little different than a pre-owned home. There’s typically a little less wiggle room for negotiation so this is another reason choosing a local real estate agent who knows the local market is so important.

Things you can ask about or negotiate are:

  • A home warranty
  • Upgrades
  • Builder guarantee
  • Total home price

If the area the home is in is full of new construction homes, make sure your real estate agent has knowledge of the history of the area because it could take the area time to become desirable to other buyers. So, for example, if you were to need to move anytime soon, your home may not be worth what you originally paid. Especially if you’re buying a house when interest rates are high.

What exactly is a new construction home? 

A new construction home is a home in which the buyer is the first person to live in it. This can be a home in which you took part in designing the home and choosing the land it sits on. Or it could be one that was built independent of your choices and you happen to find it on the market.

Regardless, looking into how to buy a new construction home is best done with a real estate agent that has knowledge of the history of the local market you’re buying into. In Bolivar and the greater Southwest Missouri Ozarks, that’s Partin Real Estate. For over 30 years Partin Real Estate has used the honest approach in ever transaction we’ve made to help families find their new home.

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