9 ways to make a new house feel like yours


9 ways to make a new house feel like yours

A famil excited to make a new house feel like yours

After buying a new house, it’s normal to be excited to move in only to feel like it’s not truly home at first, especially if you lived in your old house for a long time. It’s likely that you’re connecting old memories to your old home instead of being excited to make new ones at the new house.

If this sounds like you or if you’re house shopping and worried it will happen to you, don’t fret! We’ll give you some tips on how to make a new house feel like yours.

How to make a new house feel like yours  

There’s been over the last several years of implementing hygge — essentially, surrounding yourself with things that give you a feeling of comfort and happiness — in your interior decorating upon moving.  

You’re the only one who knows what this means for you and your family. However, some things that may help are:

  • Put up old pictures, art, and decorations  By hanging familiar art or pictures that were also on the walls of your old home you’re missing you’re bridging “the energy” of the two houses.
  • Clean up  A dirty or cluttered home builds stress. Of course, this is hard to accomplish in the early going when you’re first moving in. However, once you’re fully moved in keeping things neat and clean will go a long way toward making your new house feel like yours.
  • Paint/decorate with earth tones  Earth tones like green, sky blue, and light browns are grounding and reduce stress.
  • Bring some outside indoors  It’s also well-documented that plants improve our mood and reduce stress too.
  • Help your family feel at home  Even if you love your new house, if your family doesn’t at first it can sour your view of it. Help your kids and partner feel at home and it will help you too.
  • Keep the same routine  At least at first. You’ll feel more at home if you’re going through the same routine. After you start feeling better about your move, then you can make any necessary changes to your routine.
  • Prepare for Monday  Or whenever your next working day is. Don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself by not having your clothes unpacked or whatever you need to start back to work after moving.
  • Get your rest spots comfy  Make sure you’re set up to get a good night’s rest and you’ve got your favorite pillows and blanket on the couch.
  • Utilize the kitchen ASAP  Of course, when you’re first moving in it may be difficult to do this. However, as soon as you can, have a home-cooked meal with your family. Nothing says home like the smell of your favorite meals being prepared by loved ones.

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Partin Real Estate has been helping Bolivar, MO families find their new homes for the past 30 years. We never push you to buy a house that doesn’t fit the needs you laid out in the beginning of our search. Our mission is to use the honest approach in every interaction we have. That’s the best way we know to help you find a new house that feels like yours.

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