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New Name, Same Traditional Service

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Hey there online friends, Rob Partin here with Partin Real Estate. 

I wanted to take a few minutes to update you all and give you some details about my new/old company. I have been in real estate since 2014, and I have worked with Hoover and Associates since my start. Sandy and I have been friends for many years. She was the first and only person I wanted to work for when I started my real estate career. A few years into working for her, we had always discussed and figured eventually I would take over one day.

In 2016, I got my brokers license to try to help when that day came. I was shocked when Sandy had a few major life situations come up, and I was able to help manage the business during those scary moments. Once we got through all the details, I took over as the Broker in charge, and I have maintained that position for the last few years. Through much of 2019, we had discussions of what if’s and possible situations, finally coming to an agreement for me to take over the business and make the change from Hoover and Associates to Partin Real Estate. We officially changed the name on January 1, 2019. Even though we changed the name, not much else has changed. Sandy will remain, doing what she does best, and all agents will transfer as well.

There is a new name, logo and a few other changes to come, but we are the same business. As always, we’re here to help you in buying and selling real estate. We feel it a privilege to serve and build relationships with each and every client. We have a very high referral from prior customers and we constantly strive to deliver the best results possible. We know there are plenty of options for you when you decide to buy or sell, but we will continue to do our best to earn your business for years to come.

I have many plans to change processes we do on a daily basis to ensure your experience is even better. There will be many more exciting things to come through the entire year of 2020! We are excited for the possibilities and changes coming. 

We, the agents of Partin Real Estate, want to say: Thank you! My Family, Amanda, Zeke, Elliana, Elijah and Evan, thank you as well. We consider this a family business from one to the next. Thank you to each and every one of you.


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