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Selling Your Home in a Down Market

Selling your home in a down market

Trying to sell your home in a down market can be a stressful experience. It may take some patience and flexibility on price, but it can be done! Before we get started, we do want to offer one bit of positive perspective: In most cases, if you’re selling a home, you’re also buying one at the same time. If that’s you, while you may be making consolations on the seller’s side, you’ll be benefiting in the same ways when you’re the buyer. So, now that you have that glass-half-full mentality, let’s take a look at how we can get your house sold!

How to sell your home during the Coronavirus crisis

A lot of people are wondering how on earth they can get a home sold during the panic when lots of people won’t set foot in a grocery store, let alone a stranger’s home. Well, the good news is we live in a world where technology can step in for us. There’s virtual tours and 3D viewings that can invite buyers into your home without setting foot inside your door, so everyone is protected.

Are buyers comfortable with these options?

While many will still want to see your home in person eventually, fifty-eight percent of realtors have reported that buyers are using virtual tours and 43% said buyers have taken advantage of e-closings. Then, once the buyer is serious, a real estate agent can do a one-on-one tour of the house with all the proper protection available such as gloves, masks, shoe covers, and plenty of hand sanitizer.

Pricing your home to sell

Like we said earlier, if you have to sell your home during a down market, you’re going to have to make some concessions on price. Take a look at comparable houses on the market and see how they’ve priced their home. You can also have an agent do a comparative analysis. Coordinate with your real estate agent, but listing your home one percent lower will help attract buyers.

Get to those do-it-yourself projects!

Another report from the National Association of Realtors found that about half of potential home sellers are going to be doing some DIY home improvement to help put a “sold” sign in their yard. Take a look at your home and be honest with yourself. What would turn you off if you were a buyer looking at your home? Whatever you see as an issue, so will a prospective buyer. So, touch up the marks on your walls and floors. Fix that leaky faucet. There’s a lot of helpful walkthrough videos on YouTube to help you get it done.

While it may seem small to you, it will make your home much more attractive. If there are big problems you can’t fix yourself, we suggest biting the bullet and hiring a pro. During this time it’s important to have as few major issues as possible if you want to sell your house quickly.

Clean it up

Time to add some elbow grease! If you don’t want to hire a professional cleaning service, you can spend a day cleaning your home from top to bottom to make sure it is ready for visitors (virtually or not). It may even be worth it to get those carpets steamed if they’re in need of it. Get rid of those old magazines from the side table and tidy up. The less clutter the more spacious your home will seem.

When you’re done, don’t forget to stage your home! Again, YouTube is your friend here.

Get a savvy real estate agent on your side

By having a licensed real estate agent like the ones from Partin Real Estate step in to help sell your home, you’re getting over 30 years of experience in multiple up and down markets. We have proven marketing strategies and can suggest little things like we’ve discussed here to help get your home sold. We’ve sold residential, commercial, and farming properties in Bolivar, Pittsburg, Pomme de Terre Lake, and throughout Southwest Missouri Ozarks.

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